Mosquito blaster makes Make Magazine

The Intellectual Ventures “photonic fence” is described in Make Magazine by “entropy generator” 3ric Johanson (that is not a misspelling). From the IV blog, 3ric comments on what a manufactured version would be like:

This system, as shown, is using almost completely off the shelf parts as part of a development cycle. It’s also more complicated as it has demonstration features (video out, tracking screen, etc).

A real product would not have an expensive laptop w/ a GPU.. it would be an custom image processing board, not unlike what you have in your point and shoot camera. Ditto for the optics and lasers. In short, this contains the same level of complexity of a optical disk drive – – laser beam steering, processing image data, and motion control, etc. The exact usage is very different, and with that comes a bit more complication; however, at the end of the day insects move much more slowly than the wobble on a cdrom disc.

Target price is going to have to be ‘cost effective’. We are a bit far away from being able to predict accurate price based on this early prototype. It will also depend on volume produced and the level of packaging done to the device. Yes, the photos of the device look shiny – – we have some amazing photographers at the Intellectual Ventures Lab, and they’ve outdone themselves again.

I hope a commercial partner comes along soon for a licensing deal.