MIT study: The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (CSIS event)

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) held a report-release event. The 1.5 hour event was webcast, so you can download the event audio or the video. The presentation slides are also available as PDF.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In the coming decades, nuclear power is poised to grow quickly in some parts of the world and could grow significantly here in the United States. Key decisions are pending, however, on how to structure that growth. MIT has completed a 3-year study on the Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle to address two overarching questions: (1) What are the long-term desirable fuel cycle options and (2) What are the implication for near-term policy choices?

On Thursday, September 16, the study co-chairs: Professor Ernest J. Moniz, Director of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) and Professor Mujid Kazimi, Director of the MIT Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems; and Dr. Charles Forsberg, Executive Director of the MIT Fuel Cycle Study will discuss the report’s findings and recommendations. The summary report will be available at the briefing. The report is aimed principally at US government, industry, and academic leaders, but the study is carried out from an international perspective.