A Stunning Visualization of China’s Air Pollution


NASA image: Satellites Map Fine Aerosol Pollution Over China

Were you thinking of a China holiday perhaps? The interactive images in this Atlantic article might dampen your enthusiasm: 

(…) China’s censors have tremendous power in print, online, and even in public spaces such as Tiananmen Square. But when it comes to air pollution, even the Chinese government can’t obscure the facts. People see and breathe it every day.

The debate over whose statistics are most “accurate” can be confusing — how to sort out truth from spin? That’s why a group of us at the Asia Society decided to launch China Air Daily, a website that provides up-to-date information on air pollution in the country’s largest urban sectors, and even compares them to major cities from elsewhere in the world. 

So if you need to fly to China, check out China Air Daily first.

1 thought on “A Stunning Visualization of China’s Air Pollution

  1. At one time, there were places here in the U.S. which probably had air pollution that was just as bad. Pittsburgh was probably at least as bad. There were coke ovens, blast furnaces, etc., and no pollution control equipment. Probably the Industrial Revolution could not have occurred without heavy pollution, but there is no excuse for it anymore.

    Surely millions of people in China are having their health greatly affected by air pollution. It will take some time to bring it under control.

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