Isn’t This Ridiculous? Gates Goes to Korea to Develop Nuclear

William Tucker at his new blog Nuclear Street

I’m just going to throw this in as a warm-up because it’s my first blog, but isn’t this ridiculous? Bill Gates is in negotiations with Korea to develop the sodium-cooled fast reactor, the one we abandoned in the 1990s and many people think is the ultimate technology. This is on top of Gates going to China three months ago to develop the Travelling Wave. This is America’s #1 entrepreneur, one of the two or three richest men in the world, and doesn’t even make any attempt to develop these technologies in this country. In fact, the American press doesn’t even report it. This article has only appeared in Korean papers.

Can we really expect to remain a leader in this technology when our best minds have to go abroad to look for progress? Our grandchildren are going to be paying dearly for this.

Please comment if you have any details on what Gates is doing in Korea. Does “sodium-cooled fast reactor” imply a design like the IFR (Integral Fast Reactor)?