An Indian Smallholder Farmer Speaks Out: Allow Us to Embrace Biotechnology

Sadly the fundraisers at Friends of the Earth will probably not read this editorial by Rajesh Kumar:

 My last visit to the United States changed the way I farm on the other side of the world.

In 2009, I traveled from India to Des Moines to attend the Global Farmers Roundtable, a project of Truth about Trade and Technology, held in conjunction with the World Food Prize. I met farmers from Iowa as well as Australia, Honduras, South Africa, and elsewhere. We learned about each other’s work, discussed common challenges and opportunities, and enjoyed some of the best sweet corn I’ve ever tasted.

When I returned to India, I worked with a group of local farmers to open a new sweet corn processing factory. The knowledge I gained in the United States made it possible. I’ll always be grateful to Iowa and the people I met at the Global Farmer Roundtable and World Food Prize for pointing us in the right direction.

I hope Indian farmers can imitate Iowa farmers in other ways as well. Most importantly, we must embrace biotechnology–or at least we must be allowed to embrace biotechnology. Right now, large forces and special interests are blocking the way. They must be stopped.


 Read the whole thing. And if you have a friend at FOE, then do what you can to get your friend to read and pass it upstairs.