Cofounder of Greenpeace: should not gain charitable status in NZ

Patrick Moore concisely captures the damage being done by the powerful NGO:

Since I left Greenpeace, its members, and the majority of the movement, have adopted policy after policy that reflects their anti-human bias, illustrates their rejection of science and technology, and actually increases the risk of harm to people and the environment. “

“Greenpeace has a zero tolerance for genetically modified food crops, even though this technology reduces pesticide use and improves nutrition for people who suffer from malnutrition,” says Moore.

“They are opposed nuclear energy, even though it is the best technology to replace fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting growing electricity demand,” Moore argues.

Greenpeace lost its battle in Canadian courts to hold on to its charitable status in 1999 when Revenue Canada found that the organization provided “no public benefit.”

“There’s no reason to reward Greenpeace’s misinformation campaigns with a subsidy from New Zealand taxpayers,” says Moore”.