Video: Robert Stone, Robert Kennedy debate Pandora’s Promise

Andy Revkin has posted video of the Robert Stone, Kennedy debate at Dot Earth. Amongst the many comments I found this useful look at the dangers of wind power:


Asteroid Miner replies to Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy:
Google “danger OR accident OR fly OR death OR collapse “wind turbine”” Get About 3,280,000 results.
Google “dangers of wind turbines” get About 148,000 results
Summary of Wind Turbine Incidents (December 2008): 
• 41 Worker Fatalities, 16 Public- Includes falling from turbine towers and transporting turbines on the highway.
• 39 Incidents of Blade Failure- Failed blades have been known to travel over a quarter mile, killing any unfortunate bystanders within its path of destruction.
• 110 Incidents of Fire- When a wind turbine fire occurs, local fire departments can do little but watch due to the 30-story height of these turbine units. The falling debris are then carried across the distance and cause new fires.
• 60 Incidents of Structural Failure- As turbines become more prevalent, these breakages will become more common in public areas, thereby causing more deaths and dismemberment’s from falling debris.
• 24 incidents of “hurling ice”- Ice forms on these giant blades and is reportedly hurled at deathly speeds in all directions. Author reports that some 880 ice incidents of this nature have occurred over Germany’s 13-years of harnessing wind power.
Source: Treehugger

2 thoughts on “Video: Robert Stone, Robert Kennedy debate Pandora’s Promise

  1. Thanks. I remember asking you about this several months ago. I’m happy I could get the information without subjecting myself to watching Robert Kennedy.

  2. I’m fairly sure that the audience left thinking Robert Stone is a likeable, sincere guy – worth further attention. OTOH, Kennedy is a nasty piece of work. My take is that Bobby spends all his time in an echo chamber.

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