Twitter: a channel to high quality curated information

Personally I use Twitter primarily as an efficient channel to access curated citations. This is increasingly effective for me as more and more academics, scientists and researchers are using Twitter as a vehicle for noting useful citations as well as quick Q&A on work in progress. Some do this as they work, when they find a reference that could be useful to their community. Some tweet links relevant to their own publications. E.g., economist Tyler Cowen tweets reviews and criticism of his books and papers.

In your own fields of interest you have probably identified experts that you respect — if so, then you are ready to give this Twitter technique a try. Once you’ve organized your preferred sources into Twitter “Lists”, then a click on say “Education Innovation” brings you thumbnails of your personalized citations for the list topic.

If you would like to trial this idea I suggest trying the iPad app Flipboard as an efficient way to review what your curators have on offer. Another app that I use regularly on both Mac and iPad is Tweetbot. Once you have used Tweetbot you cannot “go back”.