Hiroshima Syndrome on Arnie Gundersen’s latest fabrications

Leslie Corrice at Hiroshima Syndrome just posted a must-read takedown of Arnie Gundersen’s latest psuedoscience video. I used to think Gundersend was just dim-witted. But such obvious propaganda could only be produced by someone who is deliberately crafting lies to be consumed by gullible viewers (and journalists). You must read the whole piece. Leslie closes with this paragraph:

Now, here’s the part that really sets me off. Gundersen ends the video by saying, “It is solid scientific material like this that you will not see or hear via traditional news stories, TEPCO, or the IAEA. Fairewinds has long said that there will be significant increases in cancer in Japan as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi accident, and this video describing just one hot particle confirms our worst fears.” (Emphasis added) First, the video as evidence is about as solid as overly-cooked noodles…if that. Second, the reason you don’t find this anywhere else is because it is absolute balderdash. The Press around the world might have a strong antinuclear agenda, but they draw the line at pure nonsense. And, finally, Kaltofen’s folly in no way confirms Gundersen’s worse fears for a major cancer increase in Japan’s future. But, it does confirm that Gundersen will grasp even the most flimsy straw to try and keep his fantastic Fukushima forecasts alive.

Fairewinds has long said” is one of Gundersen’s tricks. As though Fairewinds was something real, like a research institute – instead of a table in Arnie’s bedroom.

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  1. Great Head’s Up! Ruefully, the main headache here is that old saw; “You know it’s bull, I know it’s bull, but how do you get everyone else to know it’s bull??” Note hard that Arnie didn’t stick his rant in print on any blog, but went right up the current generation’s multimedia alley via videos. That’s the battleground for grabbing public minds and hearts in these issues, not “walls of text” that intimidate and bamboozle the much science challenged today. There are nuclear professional groups for whom this PR task they were virtually born for to take down Arnie and his FUDmister ken. The big hang is whether they have the will and sass to do battle with them on YouTube. It’s a LONG due coming!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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