Wade Allison: Why radiation is much safer than you think

Originally man relied for energy on the digestion of food like all animals, but at a historic moment he began to domesticate fire as a source of external energy for lighting, cooking and heating his home. Although this was a dangerous step, it was essential to civilisation. No doubt the environmentalists of those days objected and had a strong case, but they had to accept that the benefits outweighed the dangers, provided education and training in the use of fire was given to everybody including children.

Recently retired Oxford physicist Wade Allison continues helping people understand that radiation risks are radically less than the usual media alarmism. Prof. Allison used this cartoon in his recent video interview, to illustrate the political situation when humans first began to burn fuel outside of their bodies.

Here’s a sample of his science communications:

2 thoughts on “Wade Allison: Why radiation is much safer than you think

  1. Seasons Greetings and Thanks much for this!

    An excellent trio of highly informative articles which digs too hard to find a nuke PR solution which isn’t Saturn-5 science! At the expense of constantly rehashing, Do Educational Ads on TV and radio, NOT bottled up in on-line niche pages preaching to the choir!!!! Here on NYC cable TV you occasionally see Puppy Rescue and ASPCA Ads getting their word across on one of most expensive media markets! Is someone telling me that Puppy Rescue has deeper coffers and more intellectual PR keen than the combined PR resources of NEI and ANS and other nuclear professional organizations??? Let not nuclear power whiter in the U.S. by lack of will and oodles of stupidity!!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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