James Hansen calls out “Big Green”, its the money that drives their anti-nuclear dogma

James Hansen

It is not always easy to speak truth to power, but all citizens have the opportunity if they choose. I have one minor, easy suggestion for you to consider, and another requiring more effort.

The first concerns “Big Green,” the large environmental organizations, which have become one of the biggest obstacles to solving the climate problem. After I joined other scientists in requesting the leaders of Big Green to reconsider their adamant opposition to nuclear power, and was rebuffed, I learned from discussions with them the major reason: They feared losing donor support. Money, it seems, is the language they understand. Thus my suggestion: The next time you receive a donation request, doubtless accompanied with a photo of a cuddly bear or the like, toss it in the waste bin and return a note saying that you will consider a donation in the future, if they objectively evaluate the best interests of young people and nature. — James Hansen October 11, 2014

If you think about this a bit, isn’t it obvious that the leaders of “Big Green” are driven by the same motivations as politicians — Power. Power is increased by raising more money every year. That is their goal. It is that simple. I’m talking about the rich and famous NGOs: Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, National Resources Defense Council, Union of Concerned Scientists, and so forth. 

 Please don’t let your friends donate to Big Green! If you’ve not read ‘To Those Influencing Environmental Policy But Opposed to Nuclear Power‘ this would be a fine time.

4 thoughts on “James Hansen calls out “Big Green”, its the money that drives their anti-nuclear dogma

  1. It is disappointing that this is the first I am hearing of this statement by Hansen. That implies that his statement did not get much coverage and that many (most? the vast majority?) of people never heard about it. I hope I’m wrong, but given how media coverage seems to favor big green…

  2. Quite true. But regardless if individuals donate, these *Big Greens* will continue to get large donations (directly or indirectly) from the same corporate/political donors. I suspect green groups are willing to loose a few hundred individuals as long as the big money rolls in like the tide – dependably.

    Individual members need to hold their groups leadership accountable for truthfulness & transparency. This could mean playing a long game to retake leadership roles. Intra-agency struggles can get messy, but it’s that or abandoning *Big Green* groups to their big-money donors which would make these groups *Big Green* think-tanks. As a start, members should disagree publicly with leadership: expose false platitudes with embarrassing truths. Not that all positions are necessarily wrong, but there are enough to choose from.

    • Unfortunately, I think it is still the case that the first reaction of the vast majority of people to Big Greens’ pronouncements is one of credibility and yielding the benefit of the doubt.

      These institutions have been lying through their teeth for decades regarding nuclear, and for I don’t know how long about other topics, but people trust them. That trust needs to be challenged, and if they will not amend their ways, that trust needs to be destroyed so that Big Green is treated with the same skepticism as any other big self-interested organization.

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