I will eat at Chipotle only if they irradiate 100% of their food


Our family will eat there only if Chipotle requires 100% irradiation of their food supply chain. Here’s a few facts courtesy of the Food Irradiation Processing Alliance

  • A study conducted by the USDA Economic Research Service and the University of Florida found that consumers are willing to pay more for a safer food product.
  • In addition, the US CDC estimates that food irradiation on a large-scale basis could prevent nearly 900,000 cases of illness, 8,500 hospitalizations, over 6,000 catastrophic illnesses and 350 deaths each year in the US. This would also reduce the estimated $5 billion to $86 billion cost of medical treatment and lost productivity resulting from food borne illnesses in the US each year.

Chipotle can easily implement a “100% Irradiation” supply specification if they are buying from modern, industrial stage suppliers — suppliers who have the scale to implement such process controls. If Chipotle continues with their “buy local” strategy then we will know for sure they don’t care about their customers safety.

2 thoughts on “I will eat at Chipotle only if they irradiate 100% of their food

  1. While I completely agree with you, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this. Chipotle has made an effort to align itself with the organic movement, which is (not unexpectedly) opposed to food irradiation. One of the main arguments they have against irradiation is that it will lead to a “false sense of security.” I guess they don’t realize that their message of “organic is always safer/healthier/better” has already created a false sense of security.

    In case anyone is interested in the other side’s viewpoint, it’s kind of an interesting, albeit depressing, read:


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