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Searching Princeton’s WordNet for the definition of “Seeker”, we find:

1. seeker, searcher, quester — (someone making a search or inquiry; “they are seekers after truth”)

Thus the title of this blog, bearing in mind that the verb to seek is similar to the verb to fish. Note the distinction between the activities of fishing and catching. A similar distinction applies to seeking and finding.

SeekerBlog is motivated by inquiry – if it were about what we already know to be true, why bother? First, what we know for sure is true, may not be true. Second, because a blog supports comments, and thus a dialogue – a dialogue which hopefully may shine a brighter light on that elusive truth:

  1. Readers can critique a source we’ve found.
  2. Suggest a superior resource.
  3. Politely point out that what we concluded is, umm… rubbish?

Our quest is about seeking sources who are:

  1. Objective
  2. Truly knowledgeable
  3. Unclassified – i.e., accessible

This is mostly an “off road blog” in that we generally only will post on “off road sources”. Since everyone can read the New York Times, Guardian, or Sydney Morning Herald we don’t need to waste bandwidth highlighting their content. We’ll be looking mainly at academic sources, think-tanks, and less-read sources that we have come to respect.


The Sidebar-Categories can be used to snap to a view of the related posts by content. Please send comments on the categories and how the Sidebar can be more useful.


The Sidebar-Recommended links are resources we wish to emphasize (having been exposed to so many excellent sources, it’s really difficult to keep the list down to 20 or less).

About the site menus:

about: You are here.

archives: A catalog of all Seeker Blog posts: By Month, and By Category/sub-category.

terms: The Creative Commons Deed for the site content.

search: Jumps to the page-bottom search window so you can see it. The search window is always there, in the page footer (don’t ask why Search isn’t in the header where it belongs!).

About SeekerBlog ethics:

Another work in progress, but to start with we have adopted the principles outlined here:

1. Publish as fact only that which you believe to be true.

2. If material exists online, link to it when you reference it.

3. Publicly correct any misinformation.

4. Write each entry as if it could not be changed; add to, but do not rewrite or delete, any entry.

5. Disclose any conflict of interest.

6. Note questionable and biased sources.

2 thoughts on “About

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